How former Test spinner followed Sheedy to GWS

SEN - Sun, 15th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

Former Australian spinner Gavin Robertson says listening to Kevin Sheedy speak for the first time convinced him to become a staff member at GWS.

Robertson is one of the Giants’ first employees when he became the club’s Community Liaison Officer.

Sheedy was unveiled as GWS’ inaugural senior coach in 2009 after a decorated 27-year career at Essendon that yielded four premierships.

“I went to a Cricket Australia spin bowling forum and they had spoken to me about taking over the talent management job in New South Wales,” Robertson told This is Your Sporting Life with Peter Donegan.

“I walked out of the New South Wales offices and 100 metres later ran into Dale Holmes (former CEO) and I remember Dale saying: ‘Kevin Sheedy is going to sign (for GWS), come and see him talk’.

“I sat at the press conference … I saw Sheedy talk and I just rang Dale Holmes and Deb Keen (Personal Assistant to CEO) and said: ‘I’m in, just tell me what to do and I’m in’.

“I just thought: ‘I’m going to follow this bloke – he is something else’.”

Robertson, 53, underwent surgery in May to remove a tumour in his brain.

Listen to Gavin Robertson’s chat on This is Your Sporting Life with Peter Donegan in the player below