Pair of Greene MRO decision an insult to our intelligence

SEN - Mon, 16th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

This is why the football world has no faith in the game’s judicial system.

This is why you call up citing conspiracy and claiming inconsistency.

What last week was serious misconduct and a fine, this week is unreasonable and unnecessary contact and a suspension.

Same player. Remarkably similar circumstances. Vastly different outcomes.

I could make the case it’s an insult to our intelligence.

So Toby Greene is again bound for the Tribunal. One would hope the AFL tomorrow night empanels the same jury of Wayne Henwood, Richard Loveridge and David Neitz.

When last they sat, the League advocate made no effort to answer the question how Marcus Bontempelli ended up with a welt under his eye and whether it was the result of grappling with Toby Greene.

Instead whatever took place was adjudged to fall short of warranting a suspension.

Greene entered a guilty plea, copped the hefty fine and apologized for what took place. It was all terribly convenient.

When this case is brought before them the tribunal members would be entitled to ask why the change in approach from the prosecution week on week.

We’d all be entitled to that explanation.