Riewoldt breaks down Geelong's best chance to beat Richmond

SEN - Mon, 16th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

Pending tonight’s AFL Tribunal, Tom Hawkins looks likely to miss the Preliminary Final for the Cats.

He was suspended for striking West Coast defender Will Schofield, leaving a gaping hole in Geelong’s forward 50, just in time for the best defence in the AFL – Richmond.

Nick Riewoldt believes the Cats should swing Patrick Dangerfield forward in his absence.

“That contested marking ability for a big-sized midfielder, but he wouldn’t be a big-sized forward, so I think that’s just so important moving forward to next week,” Riewoldt told SEN Breakfast.

“You’ve got to try and find a way to mark the ball on Richmond. You certainly can’t let them mark it.

“If (Dangerfield) can be doing that in the forward half of the ground, particularly if Tom Hawkins isn’t playing, do you toss up playing him forward?”

Riewoldt says moving Dangerfield forward allows Joel Selwood to play more time on-ball, where he was so effective against West Coast.

“Where did Joel Selwood look best on the weekend? In the middle. Selwood’s played a lot of wing this year. If Dangerfield is out (of the middle), you can play Selwood in the middle,” he said.

“I think this is Geelong’s best chance. To play Selwood in the middle, you’ve got Tim Kelly, throw Brandon Parfitt through there and load up with class in your front half.

“Trying to score against Richmond is tough. If you’ve got Dangerfield, you’ve got Gary Ablett – that’s going to be your best opportunity.”