The facet of GWS' Prelim clash with Collingwood that worries King

SEN - Mon, 16th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

David King is concerned about GWS’ ruck situation heading into this weekend’s Preliminary Final match-up with Collingwood and Brodie Grundy.

Stefan Martin was close to best on ground for Brisbane, dominating Shane Mumford around the ground and in the ruck, especially as the game went on.

“(Mumford) gave away eight free kicks. He had nine touches and gave away eight free kicks,” King told SEN’s Whateley.

“Now they go up against Brodie Grundy. What’s going to happen there? He’s only got one way of beating him, Mummy, and we’re going to enjoy watching it, but that’s the worry.”

King feels the Giants should have addressed this issue in last year’s trade period.

“These are campaigns setup at the start of last October. Who can we get? Can we get Todd Goldstein? Can we get Sam Jacobs? This is the year. They’ve been in the (premiership) window for the last four years,” he said.

“This is their time. They’ve answered with Dawson Simpson – who has played 20 games in two years – and we love Shane Mumford, would hate to play against him, but he was a risk coming out of retirement.

“He could have been gone halfway through the year and a few said he was gone halfway through the year.

“They should’ve spent a first round pick last year (on a ruckman) and I think it’ll be something we review really critically in hindsight after the weekend or the weekend after that.”