Crows CEO explains Burton’s exclusion from four-person panel to find next coach

SEN - Wed, 18th Sep 2019 - 0 Comments

Adelaide CEO Andrew Fagan has explained why head of football Brett Burton wasn’t included in on four-person panel to select their new senior coach.

Former Crow James Podsiadly, successful NBL coach and four-time Olympian Phil Smyth, football director Mark Ricciuto and Fagan will be entrusted in identifying Don Pyke’s replacement for 2020.

Burton was a surprise omission from the panel with his future at West Lakes under scrutiny since the commencement of the external review.

“The primary reason is Brett wants to be involved behind the scenes in trying to compile a lot of the information that you need to do as you work through this process,” Fagan told SEN SA’s Kymbo a nd The Rooch.

“Given that we’ve got the external review taking place, we just wanted to protect the integrity of that process and we equally didn’t want it to become a distraction and have people querying that.

“He’ll provide some support for the panel at their direction behind the scenes but to protect the integrity of that process, we just thought it was appropriate that he didn’t sit on that, and he understands that.”

Fagan says Smyth, a three-time championship winning coach with the Adelaide 36ers, will add a “different set of eyes” during the process.

“With the two appointments that we announced today in Phil Smyth and James Podsiadly, we just think they bring the appropriate amount of diversity to that thinking,” Fagan said.

“Phil has actually been involved in this process with us before and has added tremendous value through his previous recruitment of coaches.

“We know about his record as a player and coach in basketball, he’s also worked a lot within the AFL industry with players, coaches and clubs over a number of years.

“He brings a different set of eyes and a different set of experiences within the AFL and another sport as a coach.”

Hawthorn assistant coach Scott Burns has emerged as an early frontrunner for the Adelaide job.