Fremantle was never in the mix for Kelly: Van Der Wielen

SEN - Wed, 9th Oct 2019 - 0 Comments

Tim Kelly has signed a six-year deal with West Coast, tying him to the club until the end of 2026.

While his manager Anthony Van Der Wielen says it was always “certain” that Kelly would return to Western Australia this year, he adds that Fremantle was never in the mix, despite reports.

“No (Kelly was never really keen on Fremantle), not really,” he told Telstra AFL Trade Radio.

“Obviously I’m a Fremantle boy, I live in Fremantle, I work in Fremantle, and I’m involved with South Fremantle so I don’t have anything against Fremantle and neither did Tim, it just wasn’t the best option for him and his family at the time and where they’re at.

“Tim’s had a pretty good association with West Coast for three or four years now into the time where he was drafted and the season before that.

“It was always something where he felt quite comfortable with West Coast.”

Listen to the full chat with Tim Kelly’s manager Anthony Van Der Wielen below