"Unreasonable" Dockers growing a trade period reputation

SEN - Fri, 11th Oct 2019 - 0 Comments

Matthew Lloyd has labelled Fremantle “unreasonable” as the Brad Hill negotiations roll on with St Kilda.

It was reported yesterday that the Saints walked out of a meeting with the Dockers after Fremantle footy boss Peter Bell asked for two first round picks and change in exchange for the midfielder.

“Peter Bell reportedly asked for pick six, next year’s first-round pick and a third-rounder (for Hill), surely he is being unreasonable there,” Lloyd told Telstra AFL Trade Radio.

St Kilda clearly thought so too given they walked out and subsequently traded pick six to GWS for picks 12 and 18.

Damian Barrett agreed that Bell has asked for too much and believes the former Docker and Roo is growing an unfavourable reputation in the trade period.

“I think (Peter Bell) is being unreasonable there,” Barrett said.

“The other aspect is how Fremantle carries itself in the trade period with Peter Bell who puts the chest out and makes big statements.

“He made the statement last year (that Lachie Neale would be staying at Fremantle) then one day later Neale said officially that he wanted to go to the Lions.

“In the same year they were all-in on Jesse Hogan and then it got all too hard and put out a statement (saying they could not work out a deal with Melbourne for Hogan and that they were pulling out of the deal).

“Two days later they were back having conversations around Hogan and Hogan is now a Dockers player.

“I don’t know whether they play the trade period at all well.”

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