“Five wasn’t on the table”: Swans offer for “disappointed” Daniher revealed

SEN - Wed, 16th Oct 2019 - 0 Comments

Essendon list boss Adrian Dodoro has revealed Sydney never offered their first-round pick when negotiating a trade for contracted forward Joe Daniher.

Dodoro says pick No.5 was never put forward by the Swans as the Bombers sought an established player to be part of the Daniher deal.

“Five wasn’t on the table,” Dodoro told Telstra AFL Trade Radio.

“In the end our philosophy was that we wanted a player to be part of this and they couldn’t see their way around it.

“They put nine (Carlton's first-round pick) and a future first-round pick to us.”

Daniher’s failed move to Sydney has left the forward “disappointed” after talks fell apart between the two clubs.

“I spoke to Joe about an hour ago and he’s obviously a little bit disappointed,” Dodoro said.

“But as you know with Joey he is a resilient young man and through this whole process I think we’ve grown to actually respect him a hell of a lot more for the person that he is.

“He’s going to be a little bit disappointed as we speak right now but knowing him and his character, he’ll come out of this a bigger and stronger person.”

Sydney's Charlie Gardner responded to these comments, saying they were told picks five and nine would not get the deal done.

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