Swans explain their side of failed Daniher trade

SEN - Wed, 16th Oct 2019 - 0 Comments

Sydney Head of Football Charlie Gardiner has explained what went down in the Joe Daniher negotiations.

The deal fell apart late, with the Bombers reportedly not willing to accept picks five and nine.

“We went into the negotiation with what we thought was an attractive draft hand," Gardner said.

"We were open minded about what a selection of picks might look like to satisfy Essendon. We were open to exploring a number of options or arrangements, in the end it was made pretty clear to us that pick five and nine or two first-round picks was not going to be enough.

“We did not offer picks five and nine. We were advised five and nine would not get it done. We didn’t need to offer it. We had a number of discussions over 10 days or so and it became clear that that deal was not going to satisfy Essendon.

“Essendon were really clear from the outset that they wanted a player who could replace Joe. He’s a terrific player and a contracted player. We knew entering the negotiation that it wasn’t going to be straight forward because Joe is contracted and we respect that.

“Essendon were clear that they would like a player and we weren’t able to add a player that was of interest to them.”