Where to from here for Carlton? Silvagni outlines their plans

SEN - Thu, 17th Oct 2019 - 0 Comments

The trade period did not go to plan for Carlton.

Their two main targets in Tom Papley and Jack Martin slipped through their fingers as they reached the deadline.

However, Carlton’s head of list management Stephen Silvagni said they will continue to work at bringing Martin to the club.

“Jack, we thought we put a really good deal to Gold Coast, but having said that they knocked it back, but there’s still a process we can go through with Jack, whether that’s the National Draft or Pre-Season Draft,” Silvagni told SEN Breakfast.

“That’s something we will work out in the next three to four weeks.

“We understand there’s another two drafts to go ahead. We are in a strong position, but having said that there’s the element of risk of another couple of clubs that could choose to take Jack if he goes into the pre-season draft. Gold Coast and Melbourne are before us or whether it is the National Draft.

“We’ve got some time to work that out, but ultimately that will be up to Jack and his management. If he chose to go down that track, there would be a strategy in place.”

As for Papley, Silvagni said the Swans simply refused to deal him in the end.

“Obviously in Tom’s situation, it is always difficult to get a player through who is contracted and the process when you target a player or a player wants to come to your club, you have a close relationship with the manager or you have dialogue with the manager and know what’s going to get that deal done,” he said.

“We sat down and put a deal that we thought could get that player through the door, but ultimately the Swans have that final say because he is contracted and that didn’t go our way, so that’s disappointing for Tom.

“They (Sydney) were of the opinion they couldn’t lose another quality player knowing that Zak Jones was going out the door, Darcy Cameron, and then if Tom was to leave they needed to get something back in the door.

“We were understanding of that, we basically knew their situation.”

The Blues will now take pick nine to the National Draft, something that was not in their initial planning when they made the pick-swap with Adelaide 12 months ago, but Silvagni is confident they will bring a player in who can have an impact.

“Having said that, obviously pick nine would have been involved in that Papley trade, but we know we’re going to get a really good player going into the National Draft,” SIlvagni said.

“The contingency plan was always to go to the draft with pick nine. There’s still plenty of things to play out over the next three weeks, there’s still a free agency period, there’s still the drafts, we’re really excited to go to the draft with pick nine.

“We’ll be looking for the best player in the draft (with pick nine). The top-end of the draft is really exciting. Hence why we really valued pick nine.”

Listen to the full chat with Stephen Silvagni below