Plough's Trade Take – Essendon

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AFL Hall of Famer Terry Wallace, The List Manager, has gone through all 18 clubs and assessed their peformance in the 2019 trade period.


Terry Wallace's Take

“Stood their ground on Daniher which took up most of their energy. Brought in a couple of speculative players.”

What Plough said before the trade period

“The Essendon Footy Club should be ready to compete at the high end of the ladder but to me there is mixed messaging coming out of the club.

“In the last two years they’ve picked up Adam Saad, Devon Smith, Jake Stringer and Dylan Shiel, which is a club that thinks they are ready, yet the coach has told us to be patient, so it’s sort of mixed messaging I think that’s come out of the club for a while.”

Tom Cutler
Andew Phillips
Picks 33, 61 & 64

Picks 37, 52, & 70
2020 round three pick

2019 season performance
Wins: 12
Losses: 10
%: 95.4
Ladder position: 8th

Wins: 0
Losses: 1
End result: Elimination Finalist

2019 draft hand
31, 33, 61, 64, 65, 88