Mitch Robinson gives players' perspective on Daniher trade attempt

SEN - Fri, 8th Nov 2019 - 0 Comments

Brisbane midfielder Mitch Robinson has given the players’ perspective on the Joe Daniher situation.

Daniher requested a trade from Essendon to Sydney, but with the deal not eventuating, he now must return to the club.

Robinson told his Rip Through It podcast that deep down, a player wanting to leave would play on his mind as a teammate.

“If you want a lifestyle change and you went for it, I don’t blame him going for it, but it’s hard if your party is going to come out and say we want this trade, we want to get out of Essendon and then for it to not happen (it’s awkward),” he said.

“And you see the reports, the players have already welcomed him back with open arms, that is what they’ve got to say.

“I haven’t been at a club when that’s happened, we had the Dayne Beams thing, but (that trade) got done.

“If he had come back (to Brisbane) I would’ve been like, he tried to get home, who cares, get on with the job.

“You want your best players to feel comfortable. Daniher is literally their key forward, you want him to feel comfortable when he gets back.

“There would have been some inside chat saying don’t hold any grudges, get on with the job, but deep down I would be like, 'you wanted to go away'.”

Listen to the full podcast below