The one thing that could make Jack Riewoldt leave Richmond

SEN - Fri, 8th Nov 2019 - 0 Comments

Only one thing could make Jack Riewoldt leave Richmond and that, according to the man himself, is if an AFL team was to be put in Tasmania.

The push for a Tasmanian team has grown in recent months with a lot of online support being put behind the push to create a team on the Apple Isle.

“Whatever will be will be with the time frame, but in my eyes it’s inevitable that it will happen,” Riewoldt told the Hobart Mercury.

“Whether I have some involvement as a player or in a mentoring role, I’d love to wear the map again. When that time comes they would have my full support.

“I love playing for Richmond and I don’t think I’d leave Richmond for anything else but maybe coming home and supporting my state.”

Riewoldt added: “The push at the moment to get that AFL side is definitively building momentum."

“Where I see it is we are in a really strong transition phase at the moment with Cameron Joyce coming on as the new Devils coach, I think that is a really strong move.

“Marcus Ashcroft was on the flight down when I was coming down as well.

“To see those types of people coming down and investing time into Tasmanian footy is a good thing.”

The two-time premiership forward has returned to Tasmania during the off-season and says he is enjoying his time in his home state.

“I love coming home to Tassie, my wife and I are from Bellerive and now we have a young daughter so it’s great to bring her back to see friends and family,” Riewoldt said.

“We get about eight weeks holiday, so I usually come down for two weeks around now and at Christmas as well.

“Coming back here and just being around Salamanca and Bellerive Oval brings up some great memories of home.”