“He’s an absolute beauty”: Gaze gives glowing endorsement of AFL draft prospect

SEN - Mon, 11th Nov 2019 - 0 Comments

Andrew Gaze has high hopes for AFL draft prospect Fischer McAsey.

The highly rated Sandringham Dragons and Caulfield Grammar key position player, who can operate at both ends of the ground, is expected be taken in the top 10 at the 2019 National Draft later this month.

Australian basketball legend Gaze coached McAsey during his junior basketball days with the Melbourne Tigers so has seen first-hand the attributes he will carry into his football career.

“He’s an absolute beauty,” Gaze said on SEN Breakfast.

“Coached him in the U12s and U14s, and in fact, he played against the top two kids that will be one and two in the draft this year (Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson).

“They were super dominant. They were a great team throughout U12s and 14s and Fischer played against those guys.

“Fischer is just a tremendous athlete but (has) a really high IQ. I went and watched him play footy a couple of times, he played for Caulfield Grammar, and I saw him on the telly.

“I don’t know where he is predicted to go but if you are judging IQ and intensity, and you give someone an instruction and their ability to execute, he is right up there.”

Gaze also touched on former Boomer Tom Wilson, who was signed by Collingwood as a category B rookie last year, after spending time playing basketball in the US, Serbia and with the Sydney Kings.

“The other one that hopefully will turn out to be an absolute superstar, a bit of a later start, is Tommy Wilson that Collingwood signed,” he added.

“He was with the Kings last year. Was a superstar as a junior. He’s going to be an absolute beauty as well.”

There have been a few examples of those adept at basketball turning their hand to footy in recent times and according to Gaze, the pinching of hoops talent remains on the agenda for the AFL.

“It is a scary thing when you go to the U18 National Basketball Championships and you see more AFL representatives in the audience than you do NBL people, you know that they are on to something,” he said further.

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Gaze made his predictions for both of the cross-coders: “He (McAsey) would be an absolute steal at 10. He is going to be a 300-game AFL star.

“I put him (Wilson) in the Scott Pendlebury category because of the way he moves and the IQ… so no pressure on my boys!”

Listen to Gaze’s chat with Garry and Tim below: