Serena isn't the only all-time great sportsperson Dusty is meeting on "world tour"

SEN - Wed, 13th Nov 2019 - 0 Comments

Of all the things expected on a Wednesday morning in November, Serena Williams posting an Instagram story featuring Dustin Martin was not one of them.

Williams, holidaying in the Maldives, posted to Instagram a video with her husband – and the Richmond premiership star chilling on a chair alongside them.

Tim Watson got in contact with Martin’s manager Ralph Carr and even he doesn’t know how it eventuated.

“I put a call into Ralph Carr the manager of Dustin Martin to find out why it is that Martin is in the Maldives with Serena Williams and Ralph doesn’t know,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“He said he’s on a world trip. He’s just taken off. He’ll try and find out what the connection is.”

However, Williams isn’t the only all-time great who Martin will be spending time with on this ‘world tour’.

“(Carr) went on to mention that Martin is going to visit Tom Brady too,” Watson said.

“He’s hooking up with Tom Brady. They’ve organised through their contacts that he is going to sit down and have a chat with Brady.”