Why Frampton ditched the Power for the Crows in trade period

SEN - Thu, 14th Nov 2019 - 0 Comments

New Adelaide ruckman Billy Frampton says he made the move across town from Port Adelaide hoping for more chances at AFL level.

The 22-year-old played three games for the Power in four years, stuck behind the likes of Paddy Ryder, Scott Lycett and Peter Ladhams.

“The opportunity for a fresh start first and foremost (was the reason for the move),” he told SEN SA Breakfast.

“Just the opportunity for me to grab a spot if I’m training and doing everything right, I think the opportunity for a ruck role is there.”

Frampton is expecting he’ll be used as a hybrid ruck-forward alongside Reilly O’Brien.

“It’s definitely about that forward-ruck split. There’s definitely going to be a fair bit of rucking here and obviously we’re a bit short in that area and that’s definitely where they see me, but I showed in my last year at Port that I can play as a key forward so you need to be doing both these days,” he said.

“So hopefully I can chop and change in the ruck and then be effective up forward.”

New Crows coach Matthew Nicks spent a year at Port Adelaide as a development coach, but admits he did not know Nicks was about to be appointed when he asked for the trade.

“I found out the day I got traded so I didn’t really know who was going to be coaching at the time so it has worked out well for me,” Frampton said.

“He’s a really relationship driven person and is all about the connection of him to the team and the team to each other.

“That’s his first priority which is really positive as a player and I actually didn’t know he was going to get the gig at the Crows.”

Adelaide will likely look quite different next year, with long time ruckman Sam Jacobs now at GWS and veteran Taylor Walker hoping to spend more time on the wing.

This may allow Frampton and O’Brien to share ruck duties together in the same 22.