What sparked Farmer’s nine second half goals on Queen’s Birthday?

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Jeff Farmer’s nine-goal goal haul against Collingwood on Queen’s Birthday in 2000 is one of the greatest individual performances by a Melbourne player.

But what sparked Farmer’s career-best outing after an anonymous first half?

Former Demons high-flyer Russell Robertson says a furious Neale Daniher had a part to play in Farmer’s stunning second half display.

“He (Farmer) didn’t get a touch (in the first half),” Robertson told This Is Your Sporting Life – For Tobin Brothers Funerals, celebrating lives.

“He (Daniher) was so angry with 'the Wiz' for bringing this crap to a big game. He (Daniher) took him off the ground half through the second (quarter), hadn’t had a touch, put Ben Beams on … he had an instant impact, but a couple of plays later he broke his collarbone and we had no other option.

“Unbeknown to anybody, Neale was in the rooms downstairs before all the players came in, grabbed Wizard’s name off the board and threw it across the floor in disgust and said, ‘I won’t be needing that today’, to the other coaches.

“He (Daniher) had to ask Chris Fagan to go back down to the rooms and find Jeff Farmer’s magnet. So Fages went downstairs, found the magnet, came back up … and the Wiz ended up kicking 9.1 in the next half.

“It was just a show; it was unbelievable.”

Farmer earned cult-hero status at the Dees thanks to his high marking and amazing goal sense.

He booted 259 goals in 118 games for Melbourne before he was traded to Fremantle in 2001.

Listen to Russell Robertson’s chat on This Is Your Sporting Life with Peter Donegan in the player below