Report: Stephen Silvagni delivers swipe at club board meeting

SEN - Tue, 3rd Dec 2019 - 0 Comments

Departing Carlton list manager Stephen Silvagni opted to deliver some home truths at a recent club board meeting.

According to The Age * report by *SEN’s Sam McClure, the club legend opted to attend a board meeting, an event rarely frequented by list managers.

The full-back of the century and two-time Carlton premiership player then proceeded to deliver a swipe at senior leadership before leaving.

The report states Silvagni is expected to leave the club in the coming weeks after successfully securing Jack Martin for free in the pre-season draft.

He recently came under fire for failing to broker a trade during the precent exchange period but was vindicated after getting the deal over the line.

Silvagni’s departure from the club is described as "acrimonious" after failing to see eye-to-eye with club CEO Cain Liddle on several list manager issues this season.

The bad blood reportedly stems from the club’s failed recruit of Richmond free agent Brandon Ellis.

Silvagni currently has two sons – Ben and Jack – on Carlton’s list.