“No concern” with Carlton list in wake of SOS exit

SEN - Thu, 5th Dec 2019 - 0 Comments

Nick Dal Santo says there should be zero concerns with the list Stephen Silvagni put together during his time as Carlton list manager.

Silvagni and the Blues parted ways yesterday, citing the "increasing complexity of having two sons on the list" as the major reason for the departure.

Analysing the situation, former St Kilda and North Melbourne midfielder Dal Santo feels Silvagni has done a great job in transforming the playing group over the last five years with patience being the key.

“I’ve got no concern with where that list is at,” Dal Santo said on SEN Summer Breakfast.

“We’ve knocked them from pillar to post over the last two-odd decades about the team that they’ve had.

“But over the last 12 to 24 months you can start to see things happening with particular players.”

Dal Santo put himself in the position of a Blues supporter and believes there is plenty to be excited about.

He added: “I’ve said this about someone like a Paddy Dow, and now we can see it with (Charlie) Curnow, (Harry) McKay and a handful of players, there was a glimpse that I saw from a particular player in a game and you say, ‘that’s it, that’s why Stephen Silvagni went out and drafted Paddy Dow’.

“I just saw him burst out of a pack and it excited me, but you know that he’s young and he doesn’t have those 50 games under his belt to sustain that level of football. But that’s why I barrack for the Blues, that’s why I’m excited.

“I’ve felt like that for two years (watching the Blues).

“It’s also what Silvagni did at the Giants. Young players starting from ground zero, working their way up and just needing a lot of games to be able to sustain it against the very best.”

Jack Heverin also lauded ‘SOS’ for the work he’s done in forming a very promising group of players at Ikon Park.

“After five years, Stephen Silvagni has given them depth, potential and some superstar quality in amongst it as well,” Heverin said.

“I reckon he’s done a really, really good job in that role.”

Silvagni was at the forefront of the club's first complete list rebuild which has the Blues in an optimistic position heading into the 2020 season.