Hazardous air quality forces Victorian clubs indoors

SEN - Tue, 14th Jan 2020 - 0 Comments

Victorian AFL clubs have been forced to move training sessions indoors due to the poor air quality around the state on Tuesday morning.

Bushfire smoke has left a thick haze around the CBD, with the Environmental Protection Authority Victoria listing the air quality as hazardous in spots in the city and suburbs.

AFL Media’s Mitch Cleary said the AFL themselves are getting involved to make sure teams are looking after their players.

“The medical department of the AFL has been in touch with the clubs in recent days advising them of the guidelines around smoke haze and pollution as it comes to exercise,” Cleary told SEN’s Dwayne’s World.

“North Melbourne moved their skill session indoors today. Richmond trained for half an hour outdoors, but the rest of the Victorian based clubs all had planned indoor sessions.

“Monday, Wednesday and Friday is when a lot of these teams have their big running sessions. The rest of the days are mostly spent on gym and indoor skills.”

Cleary added that Wednesday looms as more of an issue than Tuesday, given that is usually when clubs plan lengthy outdoor training sessions.

“I have spoken to all 10 clubs today and they are definitely more concerned about tomorrow because that’s when you will get your two-hour sessions outdoors in the heat and out on the track,” he said.

“I think this is a story that is going to move into tomorrow because you wont want these guys running outdoors for two and a half hours.”

Dwayne Russell added that Geelong cancelled a large session on Tuesday morning, worried about the conditions.

“Geelong today had a three-hour session outdoors that was booked … they did about one hour and called the rest off. That’s how bad the (air quality) is,” Russell said.

The weather is expected to remain just as hot on Wednesday, before rain and thunderstorms cool the rest of the week.