Nick Dal Santo’s message for Melbourne ahead of crucial 2020 season

SEN - Tue, 14th Jan 2020 - 0 Comments

Former St Kilda and North Melbourne midfielder Nick Dal Santo hopes Melbourne have learnt their lesson from a poor season and are in the right frame of mind to turn things around in 2020.

After making a preliminary final in 2018, Melbourne won just five games in 2019.

Former player Jordan Lewis revealed on SEN Drive there was “no doubt” their mindset changed on the back of a successful season in 2018.

Faced with a similar situation throughout his career, Dal Santo said that only when he took a step back from playing, he was able to fully grasp how training standards naturally slipped after a successful season.

“I’ve been involved in that sort of environment as well and it’s probably only in hindsight that you realise you were not training in the same detail as previous but you think that you are,” he said on SEN Summer Breakfast.

“Something had to change at the Demons from 2018 to 2019 (that resulted) in them dishing up five wins.

“This is a competition where small percentages make a significant difference, you don’t need to be off your game much week-to-week to look really foolish and that was the Dees.

“Jordan Lewis was able to step back now and assess it and nobody can assess it better than Lewis who’s won three (flags) in a row – it shows you can do it year after year.

“It’s one of the great risks in football, there’s always someone trying to take you down. It’s either a teammate who wants your spot or the opposition who are all training in their own little hubs in the moment who think life’s going really well.

“But when the ball’s bounced, someone’s trying to knock you over and take your job away from you… and I don’t mean to sound drastic.

“I hope (Melbourne) can turn it around because their performances last year were so far off the mark.”