Selwood "immovable" in Cats captaincy role: Dangerfield

SEN - Tue, 28th Jan 2020 - 0 Comments

Geelong is not planning for captaincy beyond Joel Selwood at this stage, with Patrick Dangerfield adamant that the 31-year-old will hold the role until his final days at the club.

Selwood has helmed the club since 2012 and Dangerfield admits that he can’t see that changing any time soon.

“As long as he is at the Geelong Football Club, I think he is immovable in that position,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“He is just such an incredible figure for us to learn from whether you’re a 10-year player or a first-year player.

“It’s that (Michael) Voss-ism … he is just a leader because he is.

“He exemplifies everything we want to be and his demand on the group is unquestioned.”

Selwood recently got married and according to Dangerfield, the skipper hasn’t been seen at the club since!

“We haven’t actually seen him since so I’m sure at some stage in the pre-season we will see him again,” Dangerfield said with tongue in cheek.

“I think we are (worried about his commitment to the club) and I think it’s something that needs to be discussed on a higher level than just behind his back on our WhatsApp group.

“Joel if you’re listening, we’d love to have you back at some stage.”