Tim Watson urges Bombers to speak openly on Daniher injury

SEN - Wed, 29th Jan 2020 - 0 Comments

Essendon great Tim Watson says he remains cautions about assessing Joe Daniher’s injury status before hearing from the club itself.

His comments come after Daniher visited specialist sports doctor Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller in an attempt to fix a debilitating groin injury.

Dr Franklyn-Miller said the unique nature of the lab’s testing around the injury meant players had to travel to Ireland for help rather than receive it in Australia.

“In an ideal world we’d have testing centres around the world where we could repeat the testing,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“Clearly this is why people have to come to us in Dublin because we can’t replicate a lot of the lab data we can do here.

“Here in Ireland with Gaelic football there’s some similarities for sure but really it’s anterior tip of the pelvis – the hip flexor and upper quad take a lot of the load. When they get tired, the lower adductor muscle tends to take a lot of the load.

“It’s about learning how to address and pick that individual muscle to focus on is probably the answer here and looking at the detailed movement is the thing that’s not really been looking at in the past.”

The 24-year-old endured a tumultuous off-season, eventually staying at Essendon after failing to secure a move to Sydney.

But with the season less than two months away, Watson said he still didn’t know when Daniher would return to full fitness.

“I would like to hear from the Essendon Football Club that Joe Daniher has returned to Melbourne, in full training and he’s going beautifully,” he said on SEN Breakfast.

“I haven’t heard that yet and until I hear that, I’m not more confident about where Joe Daniher will be this year.

“Speaking to Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller this morning, that gave me context about why he went to Ireland.

“But it didn’t tell me whether or not he’ll be able to go back and insert himself into training and whether he’ll be able to play out the year.”