Why Cornes doesn't rate key Roo as an "elite" midfielder

SEN - Fri, 14th Feb 2020 - 0 Comments

Kane Cornes doesn’t believe North Melbourne’s Ben Cunnington belongs in the ‘elite’ category of midfielder in the competition.

The 28-year-old played all 22 games for North last year, averaging over 26 touches a game and is generally considered one of the club’s most important players.

But while praising the hard-nosed midfielder, Cornes doesn’t think Cunnington deserves to be in the top bracket of AFL midfielders.

“For me, he’s not a superstar,” he said on SEN's The Captain’s Run.

“He’s a very good AFL footballer who’s a nice piece of the puzzle in your midfield but Ben Cunnington is not going to win your many games.

“He’s Tom Mitchell and with all due respect, he’s probably a poor man’s Sam Mitchell – I know he doesn’t use the ball by foot as well as Sam did.

“He’s a Matthew Priddis-type, highly respected, tough and you’d love to play alongside him but he’s not going to win you many games.

“If you look at his numbers, which is what Champion Data do … he’s rated elite but he’s not an elite midfielder for me.

“I love him, would like to play for him, but there’s probably 20 other midfielders in front of him.”