The Richmond star Hardwick has avoided since Bushfire squad announcement

SEN - Tue, 18th Feb 2020 - 0 Comments

Richmond has six players taking part in the Bushfire Relief game, but Victorian coach Damien Hardwick felt bad about leaving a few more out.

One in particular – midfielder Dion Prestia – is someone the Tigers coach has attempted to avoid since the naming of the team in Tuesday morning.

Prestia has been bugging Hardwick since he was named as coach, telling the Herald Sun last week that he asked him about selection at every possible opportunity.

“I avoided Dion like you wouldn’t believe this week,” Hardwick told Sportsday.

“I gave him the old you’re in my side, but not the other blokes'.

“It’s so hard. It was amazing when you sit there and try to piece together a side, the quality of players we’ve got in this league is staggering.

“The players that were left out I felt incredibly embarrassed about, but trying to pick one player to replace another, it was quite easy to do, but I think the players we picked really deserved it.”

Hardwick will get the opportunity to coach the likes of Scott Pendlebury, Patrick Dangerfield, Robbie Gray, Marcus Bontempelli, Jeremy Cameron and other superstars.

He is excited to see how these players ply their trade behind closed doors and is hoping to learn from their expertise.

“I don’t get to see these players behind closed doors either so it is going to be really exciting for us in the coaching staff to see how players do prepare and what they bring to the table and what they’re like from a voice factor also,” he said.

The game takes place on February 28th at Marvel Stadium.