Matthew Pavlich gives his thoughts on Jesse Hogan's situation

SEN - Wed, 19th Feb 2020 - 0 Comments

Fremantle champion Matthew Pavlich hopes the general public can understand the situation Jesse Hogan is going through with his mental health.

The key forward has stepped away from the club to focus on his wellbeing and Pavlich said it is a serious issue that must be taken seriously.

“Jesse is dealing with a pretty significant mental health issue at the moment and I think that’s the root cause of a lot of his issues,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“He’s obviously having some time away from the club at the moment trying to get himself healthy and right and everyone hopes that’s the case because geez, he is a talent and we want to see our players out there.

“That’s the root cause of some of the issue that he then has, be it alcohol or behavioural stuff, which the club has been on record about.

“I think everyone is just trying to get behind him and supporting him and hopefully the general public understands now that there’s behavioural issues that come from something and that something is what they’re trying to sort out and trying to get him better so he’s happy and healthy and out there playing footy.”