Can the Cats make their three key forwards work?

SEN - Fri, 21st Feb 2020 - 0 Comments

Australian football Hall of Famer Terry Wallace is confident the Cats can make a trio of key forwards work in 2020.

Established gun Tom Hawkins and young star Esava Ratugolea have been joined by Josh Jenkins from the Crows, with many questioning whether the trio can play together.

Wallace believes the Cats can make it work, but long-term expects Ratugolea to make the transition into the ruck – solving another one of Geelong’s ongoing issues.

“I actually think Josh Jenkins, basketball background, is very good below his knees for a big guy,” he told SEN Afternoons.

“I’ve always believed that Tom Hawkins is underrated for his ground level ball, I think he’s actually alright.

“When the ball’s coming in, to get down to ground level and flick it out to the little guys, I think he’s good at that. And I’m a Ratugolea fan.

“I think what eventually will happen, I think it’ll end up being Hawkins and Jenkins and Ratugolea will eventually, when his body comes into shape, he’ll eventually be their first ruck.”

The Cats take on Gold Coast at Metricon Stadium on Saturday 22nd of February at 7:40pm.