Roos champion calls for MRO crackdown on Williams bump

SEN - Sun, 23rd Feb 2020 - 0 Comments

Is it time the AFL and MRO cracked down on head-high bumps? That’s what former North Melbourne premiership player David King believes.

Roos defender Marley Williams will likely come under scrutiny for a bump that left the Western Bulldogs’ Ed Richards with a concussion following their Marsh Community Series encounter on Friday night.

It appears likely that Williams will be cited for the incident, but King wants to see match review officer Michael Christian make a statement to the rest of the competition and rub him out for a month.

“I think it is about changing behaviour,” King told Fox Footy.

“We’ve had this crackdown for two or three years now on protecting the head and it’s not working.

“I think we’re going to learn a lot on where (Christian) sits with this.

“I mean if it is a one or a two-week suspension, is that really going to change behaviour?

“I think there is an opportunity here at the start of 2020 to say this has to be outlawed from our game.

“If you’re going to change behaviour, it has to be four or five weeks.”

Adelaide midfielder Matt Crouch is another from the first week of pre-season games that will likely come under MRO scrutiny, following this hit on Melbourne’s Clayton Oliver.