Chris Scott goes into bat for Dangerfield, AFLPA amidst payment situation

SEN - Thu, 26th Mar 2020 - 0 Comments

Geelong coach Chris Scott has defended AFLPA President Patrick Dangerfield and the playing group, as the public continues to turn on them amidst the AFL pay dispute.

The AFL has asked the players to take a 79 per cent cut, with Dangerfield telling SEN on Wednesday that they wanted more information on the situation before agreeing to anything.

“Clearly they are losing the PR battle in all this. Now is not the time for PR, but the perception of them is not a good one. In my opinion, especially with the players that I’ve dealt with, it doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation,” Scott told *SEN’s Whateley.

“Dangerfield I think is taking his leadership responsibility really seriously. Sometimes the definition of leadership is taking responsibility for things even when it may not be your position or your fault.

“I might be betraying his privacy a little bit, but when I speak to him, I sense a resolve to get through this, using whatever means possible, not to try to push an agenda of any party. But then again that’s not the way they are being portrayed.

“It is just the wrong discussion to be having at the moment. The attitude should be let’s get through this any way we can and we will sort out the finer detail later, but that might be a simplistic view.”

Scott has decided to take a full 100 per cent pay cut until the postponement period concludes.

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