Cornes’ team of players we may never see again

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Kane Cornes has put together a team of players we may never see again on an AFL field due to the coronavirus crisis that has postponed the 2020 season.

If football doesn’t come back soon, sadly these players may not be seen playing at the top level again.

The Port Adelaide games record holder explained that he is not attempting to retire any of these players, but from a realistic point of view, we just may not see them again depending on what happens with playing lists when footy is back up and running.

“The reality is, if list sizes may come down, which I think they will say from 45 to 35, there’s 10 spots across 18 clubs. 180 list spots that won’t be available,” Cornes explained on SEN’s The Match Committee.

“Then you couple that with clubs wanting the best available talent in the draft. So 60-70 will still come in so all of a sudden there’s a 250 player swing of players that we once saw and now we won’t.

“So players who would get a one-year deal now may not.”

See Cornes’ team below:

Kane's May Never Play Again 22


The idea for the team comes on the back of West Coast full-forward Josh Kennedy’s recent comments about the uncertainty surrounding the future of footy and what club lists may look like.

“Who knows where the industry is going," Kennedy said on 6PR.

“There's been a lot of cuts this year in terms of jobs and money.

“The years after are going to be hard to get it back up to where the AFL was.

“They might cut list sizes.

“All those things will come in and it just depends where the football club sees me and a lot of the guys in that situation.

“But for now we can't think about it, that's way too far ahead.

“We are just trying to make sure we stay healthy and do the right thing by what the government is saying.”

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