"I'm staggered": Caroline Wilson left baffled by AFL players stance over pay

SEN - Thu, 26th Mar 2020 - 0 Comments

Veteran journalist Caroline Wilson says she’s “staggered” by what AFL players are saying during pay negotiations.

AFL Players’ Association president Patrick Dangerfield told SEN's Whateley on Wednesday that a 50 per cent pay cut in the next two months is fair as the league shuts down due to coronavirus.

But Wilson said she’s “surprised” there’s even a negotiation to be had considering the dire circumstances everyone in the football industry is facing collectively.

“Patrick Dangerfield said the players wanted clarity, well, the clarity is there’s no money,” she said on Sportsday.

“I’m staggered that the players are coming out and saying the things they are.

“I think they’re sounding even more out of touch with reality than I suspected some of them were.

“And these are good people and good leaders at their clubs, like Tom Rockliff and Patrick Dangerfield and Jack Riewoldt, who has grown into a great leader and media performer.

“But some of the things they’ve been saying show me what a bubble it is they’re living in.

“And no wonder so many struggle with life after footy.”

The AFL are pushing for all players in the league to take a 79 per cent pay cut while games are suspended.


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