Lions coach Fagan turns to Neale Daniher's book for advice in crisis period

SEN - Thu, 26th Mar 2020 - 0 Comments

Brisbane coach Chris Fagan has revealed he used Neale Daniher’s book ‘When All is Said and Done’ as an example to his playing group before the team broke up for the postponement period.

Fagan believes keeping positive, building a routine and focusing one day at a time is the best way to get through this COVID-19 crisis.

“I think it’s about reaching out and staying connected, proving someone to listen to and those sorts of things,” he told SEN’s Whateley.

“Chatting to people about the upside and the silver lining to all this. There’s some good things happening now that will make us better people and educating people about resilience and how you come through them.

“I know I talked to our boys about Neale Daniher earlier in the week of his book and there’s a part in there where he talks about how you don’t worry about what has happened yesterday and you don’t worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow, you just focus in on the here and now.

“I think if you give that little advice and if everyone develops their own little routine in this period to help them through, there will be a process in place and hopefully before we know it we’ll get through it.

“If you spend all your time worrying about when things are going to get back to normal, you’re going to do your head in so it’s good to have all these things in place.”

Fagan added the advice he gave to his assistant coaches, who have all been temporarily stood down, was to search for an employment plan B in order to give themselves some security.

“Chatting to our coaches this week and (Adelaide coach Matthew Nicks) was just chatting about how the landscape has changed and all of our guys have been stood down for the time being and they’re hard conversations to have,” he said.

“I spoke to all of them about the idea that during these tough times it is always good to have a plan B and to work on that and think through what that might be because I think that helps you move forward and maybe removes a little bit of the stress.

“I know that in different times, and I’ve been lucky enough to work in the AFL industry for 23 years now, I reckon every second year I thought I might lose my job at some stage so I got good advice a long time ago to always have a plan B in place.”