What would a player on minimum wage earn during the AFL’s shutdown?

SEN - Thu, 26th Mar 2020 - 0 Comments

Newsbreaker Sam McClure says the AFL have put their final pay offer to the players as negotiations continue to drag on.

The AFL players union are steadfast in their belief that taking a 50 per cent pay cut for the next two months while the league is suspended is sufficient, with the AFL saying the pay cut should be greater.

Speaking on Sportsday, McClure outlined why players being paid the league’s minimum wage could receive just $10,000 in the next seven months.

“We’ve known for some time now that the AFLPA want to take a 50 per cent pay cut for the next eight weeks,” he said.

“Well the AFL have come down basically with their final offer and said ‘we can only afford and want you to take a 79 per cent pay cut for the next seven months’.

“They’ve already been paid for five months because contracts start in November so they want that 79 per cent pay cut across the board until October 31 when all contracts end.

“If a player was on $85,000 which is minimum wage – they would only potentially get $10,000 until the end of October.

“The AFL players have dug in and are sticking to their guns with 50 per cent for eight weeks.

“They’ve also offered for their funding that comes in from AFL headquarters to be stripped. That will go if the AFLPA are successful in their negotiations.”


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