"We just wanted to win at every turn": Lewis opens up on unsociable Hawks era

SEN - Sun, 29th Mar 2020 - 0 Comments

Four-time premiership player Jordan Lewis has admitted Hawthorn overstepped the mark on occasions as they looked to consistency play on the edge of what was deemed fair on the field.

Under the guidance of Alastair Clarkson, Hawthorn won three consecutive premierships between 2013 and 2015 and were widely dubbed the ‘unsociable Hawks’ due to the hard-nose nature of the way they played.

Lewis, who was one of the club’s best players throughout that successful period, said he enjoyed playing on the edge of what was fair but doesn’t enjoy watching others do it.

“Clearly it’s been reported (that we crossed the line) a few times,” Lewis said on This Is Your Sporting Life.

“I loved that aspect of football but I hate watching other people do it. When Clarko was drafting people, he just wanted competitive people and that came out in games.

“We would also overstep the mark but whether it was deliberately or if it was stupidity, we just wanted to win at every turn – we would have blues at training because we wanted to win.

“Unfortunately that would come out in the games.

Lewis recalled his first training session with former captain Richard Vandenberg, which ended with a tense exchange between the pair.

“I remember my first training session with Richard Vandenberg,” he said.
“He ran through me and I wasn’t happy about that, (teammates) came back to me after the training session and said ‘you can’t speak to Vandenberg like that’ and I was like ‘why not?’.

“It’s competitive, I want to win so (I said) deal with it.”