Lyon's question mark over Wilson's North Melbourne relocation report

SEN - Tue, 31st Mar 2020 - 0 Comments

Caroline Wilson has suggested that officials at multiple AFL teams believe North Melbourne should be relocated to Tasmania as part of getting the game through the COVID-19 financial crisis.

Wilson previously was a strong advocate for the Kangaroos to relocate to Queensland.

"Every time I talk to a club, the team that keeps coming back is North Melbourne and the fact that they should have relocated to (the) Gold Coast some years ago," she told Footy Classified.

"Even within the AFL there's a view that Tasmania should not be off the table despite the fact that it seems like an indulgence at the moment, and that North Melbourne should go to Tasmania.

"The job now is to keep everyone alive and that's going to be difficult when everything is on the table.”

Former Melbourne captain Garry Lyon however feels if Wilson is going to go with something like this, she needs to name the teams that are expressing this view.

“She’s saying other clubs are saying North Melbourne should have gone to Queensland and they should now be looking at Tasmania,” Lyon told SEN Breakfast.

“That’s all good and well – tell us who the other clubs are. Put their name to it.

“Put your name to it and say club X reckons North Melbourne are no good or a blight on the competition and they should go to Tassie, then we will get some interesting conversation and dialogue.

“Tony Cochrane style, when he flew back at Ross Lyon. If you’re going to suggest it, go and put your name to it.

“If I’m a North Melbourne supporter I would be jacked off as well because you had this massive push to get them up to Queensland and they said no, we’re not going to Queensland.

“They were $10 million in debt or thereabouts and now they’ve worked their backsides off for seven or eight years, they’ve got the debt down to $600,000 and are still being told by other clubs that they should go to Tasmania.”