MCC holding fire on membership refunds

SEN - Fri, 3rd Apr 2020 - 0 Comments

THE Melbourne Cricket Club is so far resisting refund requests from among its 100,000-plus membership base during the coronavirus shutdown.

The MCC, Australia’s biggest sporting club and controlling body of the MCG, charges an $1100 entrance fee with an annual full metropolitan membership costing $715.

As debate rages over whether fans should be asking AFL clubs for membership refunds, MCC membership runs from September to August, meaning members have already had access to last year’s footy finals, international cricket and the Big Bash.

The MCC say they will do the right thing by its members and understand that the lack of content has prompted questions.

But the club feel it’s too early for refunds until they know more on the status of the AFL season, whether or not the T20 World Cup will go ahead and if more games will be scheduled at the MCG.

While MCC members may not have the same emotional attachment as AFL club members do, around 30 per cent of MCC members are happy to pay up without attending. There’s a 20-year wait to gain entry.

The AFL is set to reassess on May 31, but the MCC might also need to factor in games resuming with no fans allowed in.

The club has refunded daily reserved seats and visitor tickets up until Round 11, while those who booked for the Australian Sports Museum or the MCG Tour will get their money back.

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