The jobs Brisbane staff are doing during league shutdown

SEN - Fri, 3rd Apr 2020 - 0 Comments

Brisbane Lions CEO Greg Swann has revealed his staff are working in a local mine and are packing shelves at Coles to help pass time during the AFL’s hiatus.

The Lions were forced to stand down 90 per cent of their staff as the club moves to only employ skeleton staff until footy returns.

Swann said he’s spent this week checking in with staff and helping them find alternative employment during the current unprecedented shutdown.

“There’s about 20 staff who put their hand up to go up (and work in a mine) and they’re just going through the appropriate bits now which is great,” he told Sportsday.

“A couple of people have got some jobs in some call centres – there’s some businesses that are cranking up and others that aren’t.

“There’s a few (staff) that are packing shelves at Coles but we’re trying to just check in with everyone to see where they’re at because it’s an interesting time.

“And we’re also just talking to our sponsors to see where they’re tracking in all of this to see what parts of their business is doing well and what else.
“That’s been the week so far.”

Along with the 17 other clubs, the Lions’ staff have been hit hard by the games being suspended until May 31, with most club employees across the league stood down last month.

You can listen to Greg Swann on Sportsday in the player below.

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