Quarantine hubs "unreasonable", "inappropriate" and maybe even "immoral"

SEN - Tue, 7th Apr 2020 - 0 Comments

Gerard Whateley is strongly against the floated idea to move AFL players and clubs into quarantined hubs in order to resume the season.

It has been suggested that the AFL is weighing up moving sides to isolated areas that are getting ahead of COVID-19 in order to resume their season faster.

Whateley has faith that AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan and his team will not put the game into that scenario.

“In a storm you can lose due north. The mega quarantine hubs carry the conceit that sport is somehow immune from a global pandemic and separate from what the community is being asked to do,” Whateley told SEN.

“I said yesterday, and I’m absolutely resolute on this now, that proposition is unreasonable, it is inappropriate and it would be desperate.

“You wouldn’t have to go too far to conclude that it is also immoral.

“I don’t believe for a single second that the AFL administration would take our community down that path.

“I might ultimately be proven wrong, but I don’t believe for a second that is where we will end up.

“No matter how twitchy we are for sport, now is a time where we’re going to have to wait.”

Whateley isn’t so sure the AFL is strongly considering the idea, suggesting AFL Football Operations boss Steve Hocking never actually put support behind it.

“I still don’t think there was a quote to support that the AFL was looking at quarantine hubs,” he said.

“(Steve Hocking) didn’t shoot it down, but that might just be my reading of it, I haven’t spoken to him.”

AFLPA President Patrick Dangerfield is also uncomfortable with the idea.