Dustin Fletcher explains son’s decision to chase NFL dream over footy

SEN - Sat, 23rd May 2020 - 0 Comments

Dustin Fletcher says his son Mason decided to chase an NFL career because he lost his love for footy.

The Calder Cannons product and Essendon father-son prospect missed last year’s draft through injury and opted to try his luck as a punter, signing a football scholarship with the University of Cincinnati.

When asked if he tried to talk Mason out of pursing an NFL career, the Bombers great replied: “Not at all, it was probably the opposite.”

“I just think that he needed a challenge and as soon as football didn’t pan out as he would have liked he was on to this. It’s a pretty good deal.

“His last 12 months in the NAB League, he probably wasn’t enjoying footy as much as I thought, and I got that feeling. He’s been at Prokick for about six months

“I think he’s got the levers to hit them pretty well, I dare say he’ll be in the gym for the first 12 months.”

Fletcher, 20, hopes to begin his college program in August but may have to wait until January at worst due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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