No guarantee May will captain Suns next year: Dew

SEN - Wed, 12th Sep 2018 - 0 Comments

There is no guarantee Steven May will captain Gold Coast next year, according to Suns coach Stuart Dew.

“We don’t know,” Dew told SEN’s Whateley about May’s future as skipper.

“Every year it was more about getting to February, do a leadership vote and then from that, the match committee and board ratify the decision of the captain.

“Obviously discussions will be had around if he isn’t committed beyond that year, how does it look, but also May will be involved in those discussions as well and he is aware of that.”


Reports have swirled around May’s future, with the key defender heavily linked to Collingwood and other rival clubs.

While conceding the Suns would love to be informed about May’s intentions, the coach understands the modern landscape and the freedom it allows players to have.

“We had a normal meeting with May and we talked about how we would love to know sooner rather than later what your view is, but players aren’t as strategic and planned as us,” Dew said.

“Some are, some aren’t, so in the end, it was, you’re not a restricted free agent or unrestricted free agent, so you’re our player.

“We don’t deal in hypotheticals with the players and put words in their mouths.”

Dew added it would be a “great result” for May to commit long-term to the fledging foundation club.

Listen to Stuart Dew’s chat with Gerard Whateley on SEN’s Whateley in the player below