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AFL 2018 Round 02 - Collingwood v GWS

Collingwood coach says zones would be “blight on the game”

Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley has expressed his disapproval at the potential of bringing in zones as part of the rule change agenda of the AFL.

Congestion has been the number one talking point throughout the 2018 season and it has been reported that trials have taken place using zones and starting positions.

Buckley strongly disagreed with the potential rule change, stating that it would be a ‘blight’ on the game.

“I think generally the way the world works is on momentum, and it’s pretty clear the momentum for change is building on the rule front, in particular on starting points,” Buckley told SEN’s Whateley.

“There has been thankfully a lot of counter debate in some sense.

“The goal line technology has proven to be not perfect, it deadens and slows the flow of the game, the game stops at times to wait for that to happen.

“I think if we go to zones we’re going to be waiting for players to get back in the zones and how often do you want to do that?

“Every time there’s a stoppage in the forward 50, we’re waiting for three pairs of players to go and get back in the opposite 50.

“That’s what the product is likely to descend into.

“I think we need to consider what we’re actually going to get if we put these changes in.

“Yeah I don’t like it.

“I think it will be a blight on the game.”