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Questions asked over Fremantle’s stance on Johnson, Pearce

Former Coleman Medallist Scott Cummings has taken issue with Fremantle coach Ross Lyon’s decision to go public with the retirements of veteran duo Michael Johnson and Danyle Pearce.

During his press conference earlier in the week, Lyon announced the two wouldn’t be going on next year.

“Well I think it’s pretty obvious they’re going to exit,” Lyon said in his press conference.

“They’ve been incredible good servants for the club. Michael Johnson you could argue is our greatest aboriginal player.”

Cummings said the club should’ve allowed Johnson and Pearce to make their own announcements.

“I would’ve thought Michael Johnson and Danyle Pearce have been fairly decent servants of that football club, wouldn’t they get to retire themselves?” he told Footy WA.

“Wouldn’t they get the chance to maybe say we’ve had enough, we’re going to retire?

“Retire with a bit of dignity instead of Ross announcing that we’ve retired them.

“I just think these guys have worked their backsides off for a long period of time and they’ve probably earned the right to say I’ve retired instead of now knowing the club’s sacked them and they’re not going to go on.”

Cummings is also unhappy because Lyon has done this very thing before at the Saints.

“(Lyon) has got form in doing this too at St Kilda. He did it to Robert Eddy. Just have some compassion and a bit of heart I reckon,” he said.

This refers to Ross Lyon announcing in 2011 that Eddy, Steven Baker, Michael Gardiner and Andrew McQualter were retiring.

Baker and Eddy took to Twitter to clarify they were being delisted and had not decided to retire.