Melbourne Demons

Watts: Melbourne exit idea a ‘shock to the system’

Jack Watts has addressed recent comments from Melbourne’s Simon Goodwin.

The Demons coach said on Channel Seven on the weekend: “We encouraged him to go and explore his options, and to see what other opportunities may be out there.”

Watts spoke at a TAB launch today, admitting that it was a shock to hear such words from the club he has been with since being taken as the number on draft pick in 2008.

“Yeah, (I’m) a little bit surprised,” he said.

“But that’s footy I guess. It’s a brutal industry, we are all aware of that.

“I’m still getting my head around it.

“I’ve been at the club for nine years. I love the club and love the boys.

“I see a really strong future for the Demons and it would be disappointing to miss out on that.”

The 26-year-old continued: “It’s just frustrating. I’ve been at the club for so long and gone through so much.

“Playing finals next year would be a real goal. It will be a shock to the system if I’m going to miss that.”

Watts is already being linked with Port Adelaide and Sydney and admits that a fresh start could be beneficial, even if remaining with the Demons is his priority.

“I’ve looked at all angles. You can see the benefits and you weigh up everything,” he said further.

“Yes, I can see how people see it that way but people can see it from my view about being somewhere for nine years and leaving those friendships behind.”

Quizzed on whether he agrees with Goodwin’s opinion that he is ‘stuck in a rut’, Watts replied: “Not really, personally.

“That’s Goody’s opinion. I guess I found it hard to get that confident sort of form, especially when some key people at the club were thinking that, that’s their views and their attitude.

“I’m really confident with the footy I can play and the footy I was playing.

“I’m super confident in playing really good footy where’ve that may be.

“I think I’ve got the best in front of me.”