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AFL 2018 Media - Katie Brennan Tribunal Appearance

Brennan suspension “seems unfair”: Bob Murphy

Former Western Bulldogs captain Bob Murphy believes the circumstances surrounding Katie Brennan’s AFLW Grand Final suspension are unfair.

The Dogs star has been rubbed out of the decider, after a second reprimand for a tackle on Melbourne’s Harriet Cordner which was deemed careless, with low impact to the head.

In the AFLW, the first offence results in a reprimand, with the second a suspension, but the same misdemeanour in the men’s league would result in a $5,000 fine, something Murphy disagrees with.

“That seems fundamentally unfair,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“Shouldn’t it be the same and the dollar amount be a percentage?

“That’s going to twist the blade for Katie.”

Murphy also explained how he doesn’t think Brennan should have been banned, as her action didn’t meet the requirements for a sling tackle.

“Take the romance out, that’s beside the point,” he said.

“I don’t think she should have been suspended.

“I don’t think there were two actions. I think for the sling tackle, it is, I’ve got the arms, now I’m going to lift.

“It’s a hard tackle, it’s a free kick, no worries about that.

“The Melbourne player gets a handball, so there could be an argument made that the tackle didn’t pin the arms.

“I think that’s grounds to appeal it as far as you can go with a Grand Final on the line.”

Murphy laughed off the idea that he was used in Brennan’s defence.


Originally published on SEN.com.au